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About Nathan Kohen
Lead Instructor

CPR Advantage is an official American Heart Association Training Site and appears on the AHA Instructor Network listed as: CPR Advantage (WI20877-052). We focus on each participant’s direct level of responsibility as it relates to emergency lifesaving care, incorporating real-life scenarios wherever appropriate.

Nathan Kohen has taught on behalf of the American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute, and currently maintains his BLS Instructor certification through the American Heart Association since 2003. (That’s 19 yrs and counting!)

My practical experience comes from working as an EMT at Children’s Hospital as part of their highly regarded C.H.E.T. team and as well as field experience running 9-1-1 calls as a EMT-paramedic with a local ambulance agency and fire department.

While creating a fun classroom environment that is interesting and stimulating, I emphasize technique and development of core skills, so that in a true emergency, each successful student will be able to confidently perform the correct steps of first aid, choking relief, CPR or defibrillation without hesitation.

We can bring in additional certified instructors for larger trainings, translators for our Spanish and Portuguese students, and offer other assistance as needed, depending on the size and/or abilities of our class participants. We treat all students equally and with respect regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or any other criteria.

I am also very proud of the fact I have personally trained over 10,000 people as we go thru Fall 2022! Thank you Haleh for helping us reach this goal! And of those trained, I know at a bare minimum of at least 19 people who have been directly saved as a result of someone using what they learned in one of our trainings… most recently by Allie B. who learned CPR with us on May 31st and used her CPR in real life on June 6th!

It’s an amazing feeling to know that someone’s child or parent or good friend or co-worker are still spending quality time with their families and friends, enjoying the good times together, all because someone had the confidence and skills to step up when needed.

I hope our trainings have somehow contributed positively to our local community (think globally, act locally) that we all love so much.

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